Specialist legal copywriter

With 20 years’ experience in both law and writing, legal copywriting is my natural area of specialty.


A combination of solid legal experience, writing know-how and marketing nous means I’m perfectly placed to help lawyers, law firms and other law-related businesses get their message across in a polished and compelling way.

I’ve written for law firms, lawyers, barristers, legal publishers, legal technology organisations, legal translation companies and more.

A legal copywriter is your hidden advantage

The legal profession and business of law are rapidly changing. Technological developments, regulatory growth, consumer demand for transparency and tight business conditions means the practice of law is more complex, demanding and competitive than ever before.

However, it’s also more important than ever before to step outside of your day-to-day work, build a professional or business profile and connect with current and potential clients.

Websites, LinkedIn profiles, articles and more can be powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. My legal copywriting service can help you harness the full power of these tools, gain a fresh perspective, boost your profile and win more business. Here’s how:

Website copywriting

Smart, affordable and Google-friendly website copy that captures your professionalism and personality.

Content marketing

Blogs, articles, newsletters, case summaries and social media snippets to attract your ideal clients and inspire action.

Profile building

A professionally written or edited bio, LinkedIn profile, presentation or video script helps build a smart and enviable reputation.


Editing and ghostwriting

A legal editor or ghostwriter can transform your expertise into something your audience will also understand and connect with.

Libby Hakim Legal Copywriter

Am I the right legal copywriter for you?

Talking is often the best way to find out. Get in touch so we can arrange a time to chat about what you’re after and how I can help.

I’m available for freelance and contract work. If you prefer, I can work on site within the Sydney CBD or inner metropolitan area.

If you’d like to find out a little more about me first, keep reading.


Legal background

I hold an LLB (Hons) and practised law for 15 years. I spent several years in boutique and mid-tier firms, doing both transactional work and litigation. I then moved into government practice, drafting NSW legislation for more than a decade on areas including health, education, transport, utilities, superannuation, environment and courts.

I understand the complexities and technicalities of the law and the pressures, restrictions and ethical obligations legal practitioners face in their work.


Writing expertise

Writing and marketing are things I immersed myself in during my legal career (and eventually became my reason for leaving law). My role as a legislative drafter certainly involved a lot of sweating over words and how they’re arranged.

I have experience as a legal editor, writer and adviser for major legal publishers. I’m also a successful feature writer, with articles regularly published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sunday Life, body+soul, Australian Doctor, Legal Insight and more.

I understand the ins and outs of SEO, calls to action, hooks and oxford commas.

I’ve worked with agencies on legal content marketing projects, have ghostwritten medico-legal feature articles for Australian Doctor magazine, and often write about legal trends and developments for newspapers and legal sites.

I’m also a specialist website copywriter with a solid working knowledge of SEO.

Thanks for making sense of the clutter of words and ideas I threw at you. I am really pleased with the final website copy and how you have succinctly captured and made sense of my work. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Sue Gold

Business consultant, Sue Gold & Associates

Libby did a great job of pulling together a white paper on a very niche area of expertise and we’ve had nothing but praise from the client [SAI Global]. They said it was well-written, perfectly structured and bang on brief.

Jen Dougherty

Senior Content Editor, King Content

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