Hi! I’m Libby Hakim—freelance copywriter, business writing consultant and feature writer.


After 20 years of living and working in Sydney, I’m now based in the Hunter Valley. With more space to think, write and just breathe – and 5 x faster internet than I had in Sydney – I’m continuing to work with clients in Sydney and throughout the rest of Australia.

As a freelance copywriter I work with agencies, professionals, business owners and other clever types to create smart and original website copy and digital content.

I also write feature articles for leading newspapers, magazines and websites. You can find my byline in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sunday Life, body+soul, Jetstar inflight magazine, Mindfood and more.

When I’m not writing for clients, I’m cooking and writing over on my Cooking with Nana Ling recipe blog.

I love my work. I learn about new people, things and ideas every week. And I get to ask lots of questions every day. Even when I’m away from my desk, I often find myself analysing and pondering current projects.

Career moves: lawyer to writer

I have a professional services background  and practised as a commercial and insurance litigation lawyer for several years in mid-tier and boutique Sydney CBD firms.

But I never quite fell in love with this work. So I moved on to legal roles that involved more of the stuff I enjoy: research, analysis, writing and communication.

I worked for global legal publisher LexisNexis, editing and managing content for two loose-leaf publications, and drafted legislation for the NSW government for more than a decade.

I juggled work as a part-time lawyer and freelance copywriter and feature writer for nearly three years before deciding to complete the transition from lawyer to writer in 2016.

My “why”

Working as a copywriter and feature writer lets me flex both my creative and analytical muscles and continue my love of learning.

As a lawyer, my career path had narrowed into a niche. My salary went up but my learning slowed down. But as a writer, I’ve explored topics from landing an airplane to business diversification, e-conveyancing and cooking as therapy. I’ve also taught myself how to build a WordPress website and continue to soak up as much as I can about SEO and inbound marketing.

It’s a hugely satisfying job. At the end of each project, I’ve created something useful, tangible and powerful: words to inform, inspire and connect.

Why choose to work with me? 

My combined experience means my writing really hits the target, whether it’s communicating a brand’s personality, evoking an emotion in readers, attracting new clients or translating complex information into something digestible.

I have an innate ability to cut through loads of information and spot what matters, whether it’s a USP, story angle or legal issue.

Having managed publishing schedules and parliamentary timetables for many years, I’m also super-organised and efficient. My clients say I’m great to work with, too.