Content marketing for small business

Thinking about getting started with content marketing? I can help with simple, affordable and effective content marketing packages designed for small business owners and professionals.

I work with leading content marketing agencies on campaigns for big brands. But content marketing isn’t just for the big end of town. It’s an accessible and dynamic way to build your profile and business as a professional or small business owner.

Using the same techniques I’ve honed working with those big brands, I can help you create and share content that sparks interest, attracts attention, educates, and ultimately helps you grow your business.


Content marketing made simple

Still struggling to understand what content marketing is all about?

Take a moment to check out this short and informative video.

I know you’re busy. And I keep that in mind when I approach content marketing.

My content marketing packages are designed to find maximum impact with minimal input, using simple (but effective) strategies and tactics.

Here’s how I help you get on board with content marketing:

  • Develop clear and succinct content and social media marketing strategies (based on your broader business goals and direction)
  • Create a content calendar
  • Ghostwrite or edit articles, blog posts, newsletters social media posts, video scripts and more
  • Coach you on pitching and writing articles and blog posts
  • Write social media profiles and snippets
  • Ensure all content is optimised for search engines


Find out how content marketing can help you get ahead

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