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Do you want to break into feature writing? Get editors to say “Yes” more often? Or boost your professional profile by getting articles published?


Three years after writing my first feature, I quit my job as a lawyer to write. I’m happier, exponentially more engaged with my work and – this comes as a surprise to many – earning a comparable income.

How did I do it?

My feature writing eventually led to more lucrative corporate and business writing work and copywriting contracts. Which eventually led me to completely embrace my writing business and say goodbye to a 15-year career in law.

It was feature writing that opened the door to these opportunities and possibilities. Writing features taught me the components of successful writing, drilled me on those things and forced me to market my work and myself.

If you know the basics of feature writing but want to perfect your pitching, refine your writing style or develop your hobby into a freelance career, I can help.

If you’re a professional who wants to get articles published in industry publications to boost your profile, I can help.

Libby was a great help when I started pitching ideas to various editors after the launch of my book. She was able to help me convey my message in a much clearer manner to connect with the editor and ultimately the readers on a much deeper level. 

Without her help I wouldn’t have been able to earn extra income from my writing. Thank you Libby for all your help over the years.

Andy Zagami

Personal trainer, health coach and author, A2Z

Feature writing coaching


More about my feature writing success


I devoured features (as a reader) for years. My favourite weekend ritual involved coffee shops and newspapers. And as I read, I often wondered how the writers struck such a lucky break being paid to write on such interesting topics for magazines and newspapers.

In 2013, on maternity leave from my job as a lawyer, I Googled the mystery of “How to write for magazines and newspapers”. Within a few hours, I signed up to complete a short 5-week course on that very topic with the Australian Writers’ Centre.

The course is exactly what you need to break into feature writing, and teaches the art of writing features and the practicalities of pitching ideas to editors. I highly recommend this course.

The course allowed me to achieve my humble goal of getting one feature article published. But I couldn’t stop. I was hooked on feature writing.

My “hobby” soon became a sideline income. That income grew and allowed me to return to my “real job” on a part-time basis.

I added copywriting to my writing skill set and eventually gave my two careers equal billing, calling myself a lawyer/writer. At this point, the Australian Writers’ Centre invited me to talk about my success as a freelance writer as part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations.

I became so busy as a writer that I had an opportunity to make a career change I’d long thought of as just a dream.

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