Ghostwriting and editing

As a professional or business owner, you work hard to keep your specialist skills current and develop your area of expertise.

You can write, of course. It’s part of your job.

But writing articles and blog posts is different. It’s part formula, part art. And you often don’t have the time to devote to writing an article of blog post!

Like you, I work hard to keep my specialist skills current. In my case, those skills include article and blog writing.

I can use my writing expertise to help you highlight your expertise.

How does it work?


I’ve ghostwritten articles for lawyers, medical professionals, HR consultants and more.

My clients usually provide me with bullet points or a “brain dump” on a chosen topic. I then find a clear and engaging angle for the article (in consultation with the author) and flesh out the information with additional research or questions. Once I have all required information, I transform the information into a compelling article.

And I include up to 3 revisions to ensure you, the author, are thrilled to put your name to the words.


If you’ve written an article and would like to give it a professional touch, I can also review and edit your copy.


Want to know more?

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