Legal copywriting

(Do you need a copywriter who also understands the law and legal profession?)

The legal profession and business of law are rapidly changing. Technological developments, regulatory growth, consumer demand for transparency and tight business conditions means the practice of law is more complex, demanding and competitive than ever before.

However, it’s also more important than ever before to step outside of your day-to-day work, build a professional or business profile and connect with current and potential clients.

How do you deal with the inevitable competing priorities and dilemmas?

legal copywriter

A legal copywriter is your hidden advantage

A legal copywriter — someone who understands writing, marketing and the law — can help you navigate your way through some of the conflicts and dilemmas of modern legal practice.

Website copy, LinkedIn profiles, client communications, case summaries, articles and more can be powerful tools to help you achieve your business or professional goals. Often, though, they’re neglected because they need to be written by someone with legal knowledge — and those people are too busy doing what they do best.


copywriter for law firms

An affordable and smart investment

Using my legal copywriting service means your legal people can concentrate on client work. Meanwhile, your writing work is handled by someone who not only has legal knowledge and experience, but also expertise in writing content.

Discover a cost-effective and hassle-free solution which also brings a fresh perspective to your law firm or business.

Legal copywriting is my natural area of specialty

With 20 years’ experience in both law and writing, I’ve written for law firms, lawyers, barristers, legal publishers, legal technology organisations, legal translation companies and more.

Legal background

I hold an LLB (Hons) and practised law for 15 years. I spent several years in boutique and mid-tier firms, doing both transactional work and litigation. I then moved into government practice, drafting NSW legislation for more than a decade on areas including health, education, transport, utilities, superannuation, environment and courts.

I understand the complexities and technicalities of the law and the pressures, restrictions and ethical obligations legal practitioners face in their work.

Writing expertise

I have experience as a legal editor, writer and adviser for major legal publishers.

I’m an in-demand content writer and specialist website copywriter, with a solid working knowledge of SEO. I write a variety of (mostly digital) content for SMEs and big brands, including NIB, NAB, PEXA, Avant, ngs Super, Sutherland Shire Business Chamber, SAI Global and more.

I’m also a successful feature writer, with articles regularly published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Sunday Life, body+soul, Australian Doctor, Legal Insight and more.


Here’s how I can help you:

Website copywriting

Smart, affordable and Google-friendly website copy that captures your professionalism and personality.

Content writing

Blogs, articles, newsletters, case summaries and social media snippets to attract your ideal clients and inspire action.

Profile building

A professionally written or edited bio, LinkedIn profile, presentation or video script helps build a smart and enviable reputation.

Editing and ghostwriting

A legal editor or ghostwriter can transform your expertise into something your audience will also understand and connect with.

I can also work with your marketing or communications team to:

✔ Write press releases, white papers, video scripts and other marketing collateral

✔ Re-write client letters and other communications following re-branding

✔ Produce tone of voice and style guides

Am I the right legal copywriter for you?

Let’s find out. Get in touch so we can arrange a time to chat about what you’re after and how I can help.

I’m available for freelance and contract work. If you prefer, I can work on site within the Sydney CBD or inner metropolitan area.


Recent legal copywriting clients

I recently engaged Libby to review the content on my existing website. I chose Libby because she had a great understanding of how to help us communicate our ideas about our products and services to our target markets with an appropriate tone. Libby also demonstrated fantastic knowledge of the importance of the website structure and SEO.

I found working with Libby to be brilliant, she has an awesome work ethic and was able to deliver our last minute project on time while all the time maintaining a professional process.

You can tell Libby has a true passion for copywriting as well as helping clients take advantage of great copy. I felt like she genuinely cared about the outcome. We'll be utilising Libby for future work.

Michael Smargiassi

Owner, Product & Client Manager, Appademic

Following an independent appraisal of our website, my business advisor connected me with Libby Hakim who describes herself, simply, as ‘a copywriter based in Sydney’.

Libby is much more than she claims, so modestly. A brief initial telephone discussion was enough to convince me that this lady had invested much time and thought into her business – that she really knew her subject and was genuinely interested in getting to know mine, which is somewhat technical.

Our joint aim was to review and optimise the Jacobson Flare website to encourage more visitors, to make the website more appealing to visitors and to convert more visitors into buyers of the Jacobson Flare app, an interactive explanation of the world’s first and only universal, quantifiable aeroplane approach and landing training technique.

Libby quietly cut to the chase, demonstrating very quickly her full understanding of the product and the driving force behind it – to improve flight safety around the world. The flow and structure of her initial interrogation of our needs was detailed and so logical. The first and subsequent Copydeck submissions were laid out almost like sheet music – my first experience in viewing a website actually written down!

My media manager and web-and-app designer was equally impressed with Libby’s clear and straight language and the fresh menu and content suggestions, while retaining the best items from the original site. He was then able to translate Libby’s Copydeck into the amazing website, along with his own inimitable styling and creative skills, that we have, today.

The aspect that most impressed me, most of all, was that when the first draft view of the new website was shared, Libby’s copy literally jumped out of the pages at me. It had me excited and interested in learning more about my own inspiration – and I have been living and breathing this subject since 1965!

If Libby’s writing can do that for the author, imagine what it can do to communicate our safety message to pilots, at all levels of experience, around the world.

Already, our website audience has shown a marked increase in visitation and while the new site has only been live for about a month, the early signs of conversion to app sales are encouraging.

I thank Libby for her meticulous planning, her grasp of the topic, her creative and clear writing and the cross-linking between menu items, ensuring greatly-improved search engine optimisation. Her work represented great value and was delivered on schedule to a standard that well exceeded my expectations.

We will direct any further related work to Libby Hakim – a copywriter based in Sydney.

David Jacobson

Captain David Jacobson (B737 MEL, retired) , The Jacobson Flare

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