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Do you want to attract more potential clients from Google and other search engines?


Google now processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. The figure is staggering — but not surprising.

Consumers research, compare, discover and buy online, with Google often leading the way through the process.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often described as a marathon rather than a sprint. I do agree, since it’s the many little efforts over time that I’ve seen boost my own rankings and my clients’ rankings. But don’t be put off by the nature of the race. The rewards are waiting.

What is SEO?

Your affordable SEO copywriting service

I can’t (and won’t) promise you’ll reach a certain ranking if you work with me. However, I do make these 3 promises:

  • I’ll provide a fixed price quote which contains a clear outline of the work that will be done
  • My knowledge is current and I don’t rely on “dodgy” tactics: I continually keep up-to-date with SEO best practices
  • When working together, I’ll explain why I recommend certain things so you don’t feel “left in the dark”.

Here’s how I help you get on Google’s good side:



Step 1


SEO audit

A complete audit to assess your website’s current SEO performance, including identifying errors that may be affecting  your rankings.

Step 2

Keyword research

What keywords should you target? Are you ranking for the right keywords? What keywords are your competitors ranking for?

Step 3


SEO, traffic and keyword report

A comprehensive report to give you a clear understanding of your website’s SEO performance and recommended SEO fixes, strategies and goals.

The work in stage 1 will give you:
– a better understanding of SEO and your website’s performance
– a solid foundation for any future SEO work
– a clean and clear strategy for boosting your rankings
– some quick fixes that you can implement straight away.




Includes an initial consultation and a follow-up consultation to discuss the report and recommendations. 

Both consultations are by phone and for up to one hour.



A recommended combination of any or all of the following, reviewed on a month-by-month basis:

Recommended technical fixes

A summary of any bugs or required technical fixes to be implemented by a developer.

Keyword and traffic monitoring

A report to assess keyword ranking changes and organic traffic from these keywords.

Content optimisation

Website copy and structural revisions to ensure Google-friendly copy that also pleases your readers.

Link building

Strategies and suggestions to build your site’s authority through earned links (I never recommend buying links).


SEO copywriting

SEO blogs and articles that also aim to boost your search rankings.

Other marketing ideas

Other marketing ideas to bolster your SEO efforts.

The work in stage 2 aims to boost your rankings in line with your goals and give you ongoing performance results.


STAGE 2 PRICING: FROM $800 + GST/month


Includes a monthly consultation (by phone, up to one hour).

7 reasons to choose me as your SEO consultant


1. I write great content. Along with copywriting for business clients, I write for major newspapers and magazines. I know how to write in a way that pleases people. And people-pleasing copy always comes first, even when you’re trying to attract interest from Google.

2. I know how to charm Google. I’ve worked with agencies on SEO campaigns for many big brands and businesses.

3. I’ve learnt from the best — SEO copywriting superstar Kate Toon. Her Recipe for SEO Success e-course is a comprehensive guide to everything SEO-related.

4. I make it simple. SEO can be confusing, and big brands spend lots of money on elaborate tactics. If you’re running a small or medium business, chances are you don’t need complicated solutions to get solid results.

5. I’m a great example. I’ve managed to achieve a first page Google ranking for several of my prized keywords, including “copywriter”, “website copywriter” and “legal copywriter”. Last time I checked, I had the number 1 spot and featured snippet for “legal copywriter” in Google’s search results.

6. My strategies and techniques are sound and clean. I don’t rely on dodgy practices that will see you risk a penalty from Google or a rapid rankings drop once our work ends.

7. You won’t ever feel “left in the dark.” I’m honest, transparent about the work, and encourage a collaborative process.


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